Quality Control of Rubber Parts


Our customer wanted a quality control machine to inspect rubber parts and test them for conformity and for any damage before passing them to an operator for bagging.


We worked closely with the company to design and build a machine vision system with pnuematic part testing that has added data logging capacity. The vision system used 3 cameras to inspect the parts from above and from the side, the system could then be trained and each part type to model the shape of the part and permitted variance in that shape. Parts that did not meet the shape criteria could then be identified and rejected. We chose to use a Festo CPX PLC for this system which provided seamless integration with the pneumatic subsystem we designed to test the parts for leaks. We also added a laser etcher to mark successful parts with a date and pass stamp for traceability.


Our customer can now monitor the production process and test parts to a consistent standard at the company’s site in the Czech Republic. Two further machines were later commissioned for factories in the USA